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JIAYI Tools is a carbide tool manufacturing company that deals in specialized cutting and drilling tools for industrial and personal use. We have a range of specialized carbide cutting tools for you, including GT-6 and Carbide Forming Milling Cutters. Our GT-6 carbide milling cutters are shard-to-machine materials used for manufacturing processes in the mold, automotive, and aerospace industries. JIAYI TOOLS is here to accommodate your custom requirements. So, if you require custom cutting tools made to your design and specifications, we provide full engineering service to ensure you get a high-quality and high-precision special carbide cutting tool.


Carbide Cutting Tools Products!

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Solid Carbide Standard Milling Cutter

Looking for special cutting tools? Our GT-6 milling cutter is the perfect option for you. They are hard-to-machine materials and are typically used for manufacturing processes in the mold, automotive, and aerospace industries. We manufacture with clear measurements and coating procedures to ensure high-caliber milling cutters that provide high-end outcomes.

Carbide Forming Milling Cutter

Do you need a custom-made carbide milling cutter? JIAYI TOOLS can help. We specialize in custom-made carbide milling cutters and can design and manufacture them based on your exact specifications. Rest assured, the manufactured tools will be of the highest quality and precision and adhere to the highest quality standards.

Carbide forming milling cutter NEF

What is the Purpose of Carbide Milling Cutters?

There are different purposes for different milling cutters, categorized into “end milling” and “face milling.” The end mill cutters utilize both the end and sides of the cutter, whereas the face mill cutter is used for horizontal cutting. For instance:

Carbide Dovetail Milling Cutters: These milling cutters are designed to be used for a certain angle. You can use carbide dovetail milling cutters for dovetailed angled grooves and for fitting or joining parts.

Solid Carbide Step Drills: With solid carbide step drills, you can do multiple operations from a single tool. It reduces cycle times and increases overall efficiency.

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