Precision Reamers


At JIAYI TOOLS, we offer high-quality precision reamers that allow you to enlarge wall holes with 100% accuracy and smoothness. Our range of precision reamers includes JT-3, JT-5, Cermet Welding Reamer, and Replaceable Blade Reamer. Our JT-3 has a geometric design that ensures long life and excellent end finish. Our JT-5 reamer is a multi-blade and multi-diameter for precise hole requirements. Our Cermet Welding Reamer features are high-feed, high gloss, and durable. If you are looking for reamers for hydraulic valves, Cermet Wielding Reamer is the best option. Finally, our Replaceable-Blade Reamer is a one-for-all tool that is as accurate as any reamer. Shop according to your needs at JIAYI TOOLS.


Range of Precision Reamers

Solid Carbide Reamers JPG

Cartridge valve cutter-metal-Cemented Carbide

JT-3 is a solid carbide reamer with a great geometric design that provides excellent wear resistance. You can easily use this reamer for the long term. Its cutting edges are placed at a small angle to provide a precise hole finish. 

Cartridge valve cutter-Brazed carbide reamers

The next precision reamer that we are offering is JT-5. It is a multi-purpose reamer that comes with multi-blades and multi-diameter types. At JIAYI TOOLS, we can custom-make these reamers according to your welding requirements. 

Alloy Welding Reamers

Cartridge valve cutter-metal-ceramic brazed reamer

With high tolerance and longer life, Cermet Welding Reamers make a better choice than carbide reamers. With this reamer, you get high feed, high gloss, and extended life. It also has an inner cooling design that works as a great valve cutter and provides excellent outcomes.

Replaceable Blade Reamers

JIAYI TOOLS also offer replaceable blade reamers. Our Indexable Step Reamer is a uniquely-designed product that automates your operations and greatly reduces your production costs. You can use this reamer for rough machining stepped holes or formed holes. 

JIAYI TOOLS aims to help your manufacturing operations through high-quality and durable reamers. The range of precision reamers mentioned above can run at higher feeds and speeds. You can easily use these reamers without the fear of brokerage or wear and tear.

Want to improve production costs and time? Place your order with JIAYI TOOLS today and get premium precision reamers. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with us. Our experts are here to guide you throughout.


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