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JIAYI TOOLS has a wide collection of PCD cutting tools that are made for long-term use without the fear of wear and tear. Our product list includes JP-7, carbon fiber cutting tool, and interchangeable-blade tool for precise cutting operations. Our JP-7 end mill is a special carbide cutting tool with polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting edges and is designed for various aluminum and non-ferrous materials. Our carbon fiber cutting tool comes with a strong reinforced material that enables deeper layer drilling. Jiayi Seiko PCD division has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing high-end specialized cutting tools for development and maintenance. Our tools are used in the automotive, aerospace, medicine, and woodworking industries and have a high approval and productivity rating.


Range of PCD Cutting Tools

Non ferrous metal cutting tools

Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Tools

JP-7 end mills are a mixture of carbide and PCD, with bodies of Carbide and cutting edges of PCD. It is used for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals like copper, lead, or zinc. JP-7 comes with an excellent ground and polished surface finish and has internal coolant and non-coolant options. They are customizable, and you can order square, ball, step, fillet radii, or chamfers.

Carbon Fiber Cutting Tools

We custom-make carbon fiber cutting tools with reinforced material to ensure durable operation and accurate precision. The carbon fiber material used in our tools is strong enough to cause delamination into layers when drilling. JIAYI TOOLS has years of providing custom tooling solutions for several industries.

Carbon Fiber Cutting Tools
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Interchangeable Blade Tool

JIAYI TOOLS is here to accommodate if you are looking for interchangeable blade tools for custom needs. Jiayi Seiko has over 10 years of experience and has manufactured cutting tools for numerous industries, such as aerospace, automotive, health, and woodworking. We have a high approval and efficiency rate given to us by our users.

Why Choose JIAYI TOOLS for PCD Tools?

Strong Material

PCD tools at JIAYI TOOLS are resistant to abrasion and wear and tear, making them a great option for use. The polycrystalline-diamond-tipped reamers are ideal for drilling holes in high-volume, intense applications.


When it comes to cutting tools, PCD tools serve longer than other cutting tool types. They reduce operational and replacement costs due to the capability of longer run-time. This long life and run time make this an efficient option for drilling.


Since PCD tools are less resistant to abrasion, it makes for durable and consistent efficiency. The PCD tools and drill bits can therefore be used for the long term and ensure top quality for years to come.

As a carbide tool manufacturing company, JIAYI TOOLS ensures you the best PCD cutting tools to make your operations less costly and more efficient.

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